Feb 14, 2013

What If You Were Someone Else?

What if you're not really any of this what you thought you are? What if you were born to some other parents, in some other country?

What if your mom was a porn star, who would you be then? What if you were a child prodigy in China? What if your parents were famous scientists? What if all your best friends in high school were bimbos?

What if you were born in Siberia? What if you went to the best private college in England? What if you had 15 siblings? What if you never had children? What if you inherited a fortune of 40million dollars at the age of 18?

What if you never went to school? What if you wasn't born into a Christian (or atheist, or buddhist or religiously undefined) family?

Who are you really?

What out of your identity is really just based on your life's circumstances?

How much of your identity is really TRUE - and how much you just started to believe about yourself at some point of time?

The identity is really made of of what you believe yourself to be - and the belief system has been put to place long before you were even consciously aware of this. During the course of life one makes subconscious decisions about what is right and what is wrong, you make silent vow-s to be something, not to do something, never to etc etc. You also inherit some values from somewhere and start living accordingly.

And slowly you start believing that this is who you really are. That you are your beliefs, your values, your secret vows.

That you are what the life has made you, good or bad.

So if you're really not all of what you think we are, then WHO ARE YOU?

Is there anything beyond this mask, this illusion, this acquired identity?

Here I think we really need to go back to the moment of birth to get a glimpse of who we really are. Before any of THIS that we think is true was put in place.

Parents know - there is wisdom beyond explanation in every newborn eyes. They are not born without identity, there is some deeper knowledge already in place.

I say it again - we are not born without identity.

You can call it pure potential. Pure light. Pure love. Pure being.

It's something that is visible for everyone - in the eyes of an infant you can see such peace and wisdom that for a moment you feel almost inferior to this being. And you might even feel (as did I with both of my kids) that you never want to ruin that what is already there with any of your own concepts of what that child should be.

I think we really are so much more than we think we are. 

Deep down there is a deeper knowledge, a complete peace and knowing.

So what if the life as you know it right now is nothing but a dream, just one version of what it could be? What if it will completely change in 1 year, in 5 years? What if you consciously choose to be something else, someone else, to choose a different reality - and perhaps this time a more conscious one? Or perhaps one can never be 100% REAL, maybe all there is is an experiment, a game? That we're on this planet to try on different identities to discover some deeper truths about ourselves?

Whatever it is - the reality as we know it is just one version of it. And if you don't really like it, then why not to choose something else?