Oct 6, 2012

"I haven't lived for the past 5 years."

She leaned in over the lunch table, looked me straight in the eyes and whispered in a loud, clear voice:

"Marjam, I haven't lived for the past 5 years."


That was the last thing I had expected to hear from her.

We had just spent the last 20 minutes discussing how exciting our work is. She's a woman who inspires me with her confidence, looks and intelligence. A beautiful, successful woman flying high in the corporate world and rubbing elbows with the most outstanding entrepreneurs in Estonia.

Until I mentioned how much I love the freedom of what my lifestyle gives me - despite the challenges here and there - I'm free. Free to choose whom I work with, to whom I work and what I work on. I can spend the New Years Eve in Florida with a beloved client, journaling and manifesting an awesome year around the campfire, I'm free to take my few possessions and move to Florida for a 2 months creative retreat. I can decide when I work and even take 4-day working weeks if it feels best.

"Wow, Marjam, I've worked so hard for the past 5 years. I've been running every day non-stop - and now when I think about it it feels that I haven't lived."

Despite her high salary she misses out on life. She misses the soul in what she does. The feeling that what you do makes a difference. That you LIVE, not just make money.

Life is so precious. It's worth to stop every once in a while and ask yourself: "Why am I doing what I'm doing?"

And see if the answer does make sense. If it doesn't - time for a radical change.