Aug 22, 2012

Office Bliss: How Having an Office Can Fuel Success at Work

They say that start ups shouldn't invest into having their own office. There's a popular myth about garages - if you listen to the stories you would think that every huge success started from someones garage.

Well, I've now worked from home (read: cafeterias and other improvised working spaces) for about 4 months I can say something I never believed I would say - I LOVE working from the OFFICE!

We just rented a new space and everyone in the team was so eager to move in that we signed the contract even before having any furniture. I'm now sitting on the office floor on a bunch of pillows and am getting double of the things done when I did when working from my living room couch.

Here's why I LOVE having an office:

  • It gives the team a space to work together - you don't have to send out an e-mail for every single question you have, you can simply turn to your neighbor and ask.
  • It saves money. They say that having an office is a luxury, I'd say that it's an investment. I spent more money on buying coffee and snacks in all the temporary working spaces I worked, instead I should have paid it for the office space and have a proper lunch every day.
  • It puts you in the mindset of work. You go to your kitchen to eat, to your bedroom to sleep (well, most of the times), your living room to chill out - so you're in a different mindset. Office is for working and it's easy for the brain to switch to the right mode.
  • As a result - you get more things done. And that's what it's all about.

That mostly applies when you're working in a team who's equally involved in the project.

These 4 months without a shared space cost us a lot more in lost productivity and poor communication than it would have cost on renting an office. I'm all for flexibility and love to have my work in my laptop, but I must say - I LOVE working from an office.