Aug 5, 2010

My Unusual Request + Help with Writing a Book

I have a lil weird request for you all my funky blog readers. Feel free to take an approach that feels most comfortable for you:)
I’m not a religious person, but I’m pretty spiritual and I believe that positive thoughts work as blessings – they can actually influence people no matter where they are physically and the positive energy boost can be felt even though you don’t know what’s the source of it.

So here’s my lil unusual wish...whenever you have a moment of HIGH, send a blessing to me for finishing my book. Just a quick glimpse in your head visualizing me holding a fresh book in my hands, all proud and fulfilled about it. Or just hold the image while  dropping a comment under this post. Do it only when you sincerely feel like it:)

Here's the background of the story...

When I was living in Malaysia, I got an e-mail from a publisher in Estonia who had randomly passed by my blog and proposed to write a book. I was super excited, writing a book has always been a dream. There was only one catch - I didn’t want to write just a book about Malaysia and all the cool things that a girl can do in a paradise on earth.

So I thought that the story is gonna be about a hot career opportunity in a funky internet marketing company and all the out-of-this-world experiences that this brings along. However after months of taking notes it just didn’t feel right and I dropped the idea of the book until I got back to Estonia.

Being back helped me to see things from a new perspective and I realized that the real story wasn’t about making career, it wasn’t even so much about me or Malaysia.

It was much more about finding my identity as a single mom and fitting a role of being a mom in my life that according to the initial Master Plan was never supposed to be that much about family and parenting, not to even mention any hint of an upcoming single momhood.

So now I wanna write a story of a young woman (who happens to be me in this story, but hopefully inspires someone to take the next step in their life) and her son who are taken out of her familiar social environment and support system and will go through an experience of rebuilding the connection, courage and feeling of worthyness together. Hopefully these reflections will help someone else to have more faith in themselves and you know - just go for it:)

I would love all your blessings, cause it’s my first book and it sometimes feels a little overwhelming to actually finish it. There are moments when I have doubts if I’m able to actually capture the core of the story and find my genuine voice in telling it, so each little drop of good energy will help me to move forward, I know that:)

The script has to be finished by 1st of October and if all goes well, the book should be out in December.

Good thoughts coming over to ya,