Dec 30, 2009

What's Your Most Burning Question as a Leader?

Hi guys,

I'm designing a leadership conference for Estonian leaders and surprise -- I want to experiment with some innovative learning techniques and create a one-of-a-kind-experience for everyone.

I also want to learn further about learning design and invite you to join me. I already have insights from some of the innovative minds that I will share with you later, but for now I'd invite you to jump in with a small contribution.

The rules to participate are simple:

1. Take 1 minute to reflect and answer this question: what's right now your most burning question as a leader?
2. Drop your answer in the comments below
3. To receive a special award (read below) also leave your e-mail address

So here's the question again:

What's right now your most burning question as a leader?

Dec 29, 2009

I have too much stuff -- want some?

Christmas is great, I just spent one of the most wonderful week of the year with my family. Conversations, table games, great food and...stuff. I mean, literally -- stuff. New things, gifts, presents, too much food.

I think we have too much already.

I used to live in a very minimalist apartment in Kuala Lumpur - a coach and a table in the living room, a bed, a cupboard and a chest of drawers in the bedroom and some stuff in Maru's room (I even hid the toys in the boxes to not get distracted by them).

The reason wasn't that I'm such a minimalist person, it's was simply because it was a temporary home and I only invested into buying a carpet. But the effect was the same - it was a stress-free environment, calming by its lack of THINGS that get you distracted. So even though it was echoing in the living room and my friends used to ask me in Skype if I'm talking from a cave it taught me how less is better.

Now I'm back in Estonia and my parents house is full of things that it has collected over the past 30 years of existence. My room is full of things, the living room is swamped by chairs, coaches and shelves. My favorite place is the bathroom that was just renovated and is still relatively empty (yay!).

Things come to us so easily, but they tend not to leave. They just stick around and we get used to them, not noticing that they consume our energy. It's harder to focus on important things when your surroundings is full of information.