Mar 30, 2009

Beware: This Music Makes You High

Can you get high on music and avoid all the bad side effects from coffee? Can music alert your brain waves so that you literally can focus better and get things done in half of the time?

I took a journey down the rabbit hole just a few days ago and the results have been so stunning that I decided to write a blog post about it.

It all started with a lunch with my colleague Hani who said she has something special I might want to try... (nope, she's not a drug dealer, you would get a death penalty for this here in Malaysia :).

She told me about music that works just like coffee -- you have more energy and you can focus better, but it doesn't have bad side effects. Just put in the headphones while you're working and enjoy the vibe!

Decided to try it and the effect was amazing! Just finished listening to one of the tracks and my brain literally vibrates.

It's a strange feeling of being high (yeah, like a bit drunk) and alert combined with focused and productive. The music is all about slowly accelerating your brainwaves, literally getting inside your head *I hope they haven't hidden any nasty sales messages into it...just kidding:)

I had my friends trying it out as well and surprisingly all of them had a slightly different effect -- but all felt high in one way or the other. Here's what one of them wrote me:

"When I started listening to is at first it didn't really do much, but when I was half way into the first part I started getting really hyper from it.
After I was done listening to all of it, I couldn't even stand still and it took me a while to calm down. I also had my friend listen to it and she said that the whole room started spinning when she was almost done listening to it."
Really cool stuff. I got so many questions about it, so I finally tracked down the company and discovered that you can actually try it for free. It's called BrainSync Brainwave Therapy and I was listening to a track called High Focus. I also tried Super Learning -- loved both of them. Not sure which tracks are offered for free on the website, but try it anyway, it also might be worth in investing a few bucks to buy the actual track.

Check it out here
-- and let me know how it worked for you.

Mar 20, 2009

Being lazy is not a bad thing. NO, not at all

It's freaking hot in my room. There seem to be something wrong with my air conditioner, just turned it to 14 degrees -- but nothing, I'm melting together with the mint chocolate I'm eating.

It's Friday evening and I'm at home with not a slightest desire to go out. I'm sorry for this random intro, btw, what do you expect -- I'm hot, sleepy and inspired at the same time.

Anyway I'm inspired by the new opportunities of technology. Just finished reading couple of cool blog postings and articles about brain research and gifted children -- some of the topics I'm really into these days.

What inspired me was the way how I found them. Not by browsing hundreds of Google sites, trying to track down the freshest and best quality content, but by having Google Alerts do all the work for me and just choosing the best articles from a list provided by this tool.

Google Alerts is an awesome tool to be updated with the freshest knowledge about whatever interests you. Just type in the keyword you're interested in -- and you start receiving daily or weekly updates with the materials that have been uploaded in internet the same day and that include these keywords.

It's amazing - you really stay on top of the field of your interest. You can also track what is being written about yourself or your company. Brilliant, just started to use it this week.

Mar 18, 2009

How to lose your personal power

Yeah, chose this time a negative headline - and for purpose. I really think it's so common to ignore and so easy to overlook that easy truth what I want to share, though it's making so many of us less as individuals -- and could be turned into a benefit so easily.

So here it is, one of the most powerful ideas I've recently picked up, this time from one of the great trainings from Mike, one of the owners of MindValley.

The law is simple -- each and every broken commitment decreases your personal power

The whole pile of things you know you should do, but are for whatever reason not doing makes you weak, it literally drains your personal power. All the broken commitments -- be them for others or for yourself -- decrease your personal power.

And it also works the other way around - the way to become a more powerful individual is to follow through. Simply said - by doing what you said you would do. Again - doesn't matter if you said it to yourself and nobody else knows -- or declared it you publicly, the effect is the same. You WILL become a more powerful person if you just keep doing the things that you are committed to do.

The bottom line here is -- choose your commitments carefully. Even the smallest promise -- I'll write to you, I'll send you these materials, I call you, I get it done -- tie you automatically with a source of energy. If you don't follow through -- you lose energy, if you do -- you gain more.

And don't misunderstand me here -- I don't think we should take on less tasks. Quite the opposite - we should at all costs strive for taking on more and more tasks, that's the true contribution to the world and the source of meaningful living. So the answer is not to isolate yourself from all the exciting opportunities in the world and become a bad friend who never returns a favor, but -- become a more productive person instead (isn't it simple:)?)

These are the reflections while "cleaning my own house" and removing the energy vampires from my own life. Kind of stupid to keep losing your personal power to really minor undone tasks -- better to clean the house quickly and keep growing.

Mar 9, 2009

It' really not an accident that Maru saw a sting ray....

After a small break I'm full of irresistible need to express myself (is it the coffee or the great Skype conversation I just had with Siim? Probably both...)

It's a quick story I want to share about creating your reality. Well - I'm a believer. I think we get everything we want. So there's nothing else more powerful than a thought -- it creates your moment.

And how often do we really recognise - wuuuhuu, it's exactly what I wanted? I am where I am now because I wanted it, would it be good or bad.

Well, recently I was walking a dirty street of Kuala Lumpur. Smelly, hot, crowded, colorful -- somehow messy. And I felt so comfortable, so alive. Why?

Because this is exactly what I wanted. Already when I was 10 years old, reading Jules Werne stories and dreaming about adventures. When I was 15 and dreamed about becoming a missionaire in Africa (yes, I come from a Christian family -- though have turned out as rather a spiritual person, not taking strong stand for nor against God, but striving for stronger connection with whatever higher powers we all have).

There's a pattern in everything we experience, reality is not an accident.

Another boost of dreams coming true was this weekend when me and my friends made a trip to Tioman, one of the Malaysian paradise islands. As part of the trip we went snorkeling around a small coral cliff. If some of you have seen an old movie "Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields then you might remember the scene where a little baby is swimming around in the blue water.

I didn't even know I had this image stuck in my subconscious mind till me and Maru got into the water and I just looked at this 5-year old kid swimming around in the blue sea, above beautiful corals and surrounded by colorful fishes (and one small sting ray down there...). It was beautiful, I was amazed and thrilled that this moment is truly real.

Snorkeling with my 5-year old son was not an accident. It was a thought coming true -- and when you think about it -- it's freaking powerful. I wanted that even before moving to Malaysia, before knowing that I'll be a mother that early and before thinking for a while that being a young single mother defines your reality more than your own thoughts.

It's beautiful and absolutely incredible to see how thoughts become your reality. I have a quote written on my wall: "Your dominant thought becomes your reality." Makes you responsible, doesn'it it? And confident that you really can get whatever you want - just keep stretching.

PS: A bunch of my close friends opened recently an ecotourism company, organizing unique trips for small groups to Kasakhstan and Croatia. They're having fun while travelling back to the countries they love and have created a huge network among locals -- and building a company in the process. Brilliant! Check it out if you're rather an adventure traveller and want to feel the country even without thorough preparation and spending too much time on the spot -

PPS: I promise to start posting again to my video blog -- latest next week. I was facing a small setback when my external drive didn't work and all my videos were gone -- but who cares, really? Yeah, I'll restarts, making videos is quite fun:)

PPPS: Estonians - you can read a small something about my everyday adventures in this article for Meie Maa. My Saaremaa identity never quite dies :)