Feb 12, 2009

Why walking the extra mile makes extra much sense

There’s no better inspiration for me than getting things done. And I mean - things done. Getting things done is not being busy, no, no. It means that you have a result in the end.

Result for me is an additional value to the world. In order to get something done you need to create something.

Some days are just busy. There’s a lot what needs to be done and so you do it. In my specific case - costumer support, facilitating communication, writing e-mails and at this point of time transitioning a business to a new person. None of it could be left undone.

Yet it doesn’t give me the real satisfaction - and it’s honestly quite strange how long it took me to come to this simple realization.

I’m simply NOT HAPPY when I’m busy with necessary things only, but yet don’t get things done. Because as I said - getting things done for me is creating an extra value.

This means I always need to know what’s the extra value I want to create. It can be some improvement in the business, innovation around the product, improving some concrete parts of my character, start building a new business -- whatever interests me.

The added value has to become a goal and only then I can be happy.

So in the busiest days I always have a sense of urgency in the back side of my brain that pushes me to get this done as fast as I can, because I can’t be happy before I haven’t taken - each and every single day - some time to create extra value to the world. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night with this urgency in my head - damn, I didn’t really achieve anything today, I was just busy.

Last time was before one product launch - the whole day was just crazy busy that in the evening I dropped in the bed - so tired - that I fell asleep straight away. I woke up around midnight with a nagging feeling - I didn’t get done the most important thing I wanted to get done that day, which was sending out one e-mail to a newsletter. It took me 20 min to get it done and go to sleep peacefully. The next day this e-mail only brought in $ 30 000 -- and I felt I’ve achieved.

You know - there’s nothing compared to the feeling of success, this simply makes you fly and want even bigger things. So being busy doesn’t count a thing - as long as it’s just doing the things you need to do anyway.

And I don’t really want that. I simply want to be happy. And I believe we human are creators and we have a fundamental need to use this creative potential. Fooling us into being busy is just cutting us off from the real source of happiness.

After I chose to become more productive I’m still not productive enough. I’m still spending too much time on things that should take me 5 minutes. I’m simply overthinking some simple tasks that shouldn’t require too much of my brain potential -- so it doesn’t leave me enough time to innovate around the things that truly matter.

I’m determined to make the effort to speed up -- because I want to slow down. The only way to achieve your dreams is to walk the extra mile and be willing to get out of your laziness. I think being busy is an illusion we’re often creating us and lack of goals is the biggest barrier on the way to happiness.

So this posting is for living a rich and fulfilled life, let’s go:)

PS: I'm not quite sure what impression my quickly made videos really leave, so if you want to drop some comments - oh, really, I'd be happy:) Check out my Malaysia video-blog here

Feb 6, 2009

Live In the Now

This is such a beautiful thought that I have to share it with you. Found it from my late time favorite daily inspirations in my mailbox - - they have a pretty alternative approach on personal development, but the messages really work for me.

So here's the thought:
Worry and time have an inverse relationship. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. Yet curiously, Marjam, both are suspended when you live in the now.

As you were,
The Universe

I 100% believe that you get everything you want if you put your thought on it. I usually get exactly those inspirational thoughts through a few mailing lists I'm signed up to that I need at this moment. It's pretty strange, actually, but if I have a question and I log in my personal mailbox, I often sense that the right inspiration might be in one of the mailings -- and it often is.

This one today clicked particularly well.

Feb 2, 2009

Wanna know why I'm shooting one video every day?

Yes, I've been recently making one video every day, from local gyms sauna, standing in the heavy rainfall to eating with my fingers. Why? Well, it all comes down to a 30-day challenge I gave myself (you can skip the rest and just check out the projects web page here

My quest this year is to increase my Productivity. Many times I'm not happy with how much time I'm spending on getting some things done. I feel I have more ideas than I'm able to execute and -- I want to speed up to get more of them done.

SPEED UP! Not by lowering standards, becoming a workaholic, living an unbalanced life.

No, I want it all -- the fulfilled life and fulfilled dreams -- and fulfilled potential.

Time to face the mirror and focus on some part of my path to get it aligned with my dreams.

Quite bluntly -- I feel I'm starting all over again every day. I'm a beginner, just learning to live, learning and learning and learning (called the beginners mind -- helps me to keep my mind fresh and notice opportunities).

I've come to the conclusion that self analysis isn't the most effective way for me to get results (it can rather become an paralysis of analysis), I need action to learn about myself -- and this is what I'm going to learn through.

Increasing your productivity is the key to live the life you desire. I'm looking for shortcuts, better methods, good mental practices, self discipline, knowledge -- everything I can find to increase the amount of things I get done every day.

And I told you -- I am in the beginning. The best people get things done with such a pace and ease that it blows me away. Some people in MindValley are just taking my breath away -- how the heck are they doing this? But then again - if they can, why can't I? Yes, indeed, why not...

To kick my ass about productivity I started a new blog where I'm sharing about my 30 day trials on productivity. The first trial is connecting my passion for different forms of communication and desire to deepen my learning experience in Malaysia -- I'm shooting one video every day with one lesson I learned that day. The bottom line, however is to get the video done, edit it and upload it in the blog with max 20 minutes. Right now it takes 30-40 minutes and I can do a lot to increase the quality, we'll see what's the state after 30 days.

So if you're interested in life in Malaysia and productivity in general check out my new blog