Aug 28, 2008

Today - yesterdays echoes and visions of tomorrow

Most of the relationships tell me about who I used to be. If I listen too long I forget who I am and who I could become.

I'd love to stay around to reassure you about myself, but I wouldn't have time then to move on. I wouldn't know where to go.

And I think you like me better when I do change for better, bit by bit.

So forgive my impatience sometimes and my seeming ignorance about my own mistakes, if you believe - it will all pass.

Aug 18, 2008

Seeing each other

It used to be hard for me to tell my story, because it seemed to be too special. Didn't fit in the social context I was in – a young mother in a large student organization, surrounded by single, successful and ambitious young people.

Now I've realized – I'm not special at all. Everyone has an amazing story to tell. About growing up, learning your lessons, becoming a real human being, failing and standing up, hurting and healing. It's all there in the stories around me.

I'm just like everyone else, even if the events are different. I don't have anything more beautiful or ugly inside than anyone else I know. Everyone has their story and their lessons, they are coming from their background and have felt exactly the same emotions as I have – excitement, loneliness, hurt, joy.

The only thing is that usually it goes unnoticed. Many people seem to be the same, things seem to repeat themselves.

I don't think it's because people are the same and generally boring. I think it's because we don't have enough space to show who we are - in families, schools, companies. We don't have enough space to be who we are and share things that matter to us the most.

Life is too much of a hurry – we're going from a place to another and person to another without ever seeing, ever listening. We hear to generate an answer, not to understand. We see what we want to see, not what is there in this very moment.

We don't see each other.

If only we would take time to see.

Do you know what it means to see other person? Fully, without any judgments, without thinking you know, without being impressed by the titles, past experiences or on contrary – blinded by the failures, bad family or anything else? Just see, take things as they are.

I don't exist for you before you see me. And how you see me is what I become for you. Funny, isn't it? It's not who I am, but how you see me.

So if you would next time just turn off the voices inside of your head, open your mind, observe what is there and let it in – how would I seem then? How would you feel when you would be seen?

How much of a freedom that could give! What clarity! What creativity and ease!

Everyone has an amazing story to tell. Just see.