Feb 5, 2008


Today take a moment to celebrate. I'm sure you have something. Don't worry if it's not perfect and could be improved. If you put it in your life context you realize quite quickly that nothing could be perfect or could - but would come with a cost of other vital areas and would anyway end up in total imperfectness in big picture.

So celebrate the things you have worked for with your heart or the good things that others have given you. Or something else that you know should not be taken for granted.

Just celebrate from time to time. That makes you recognize others for their efforts and creates an aura of positiveness around you. You get new energy for even greater deeds, you feel motivated by the good feeling coming from success and not the duty, you become more confident and understand yourself better. Your re simply more productive, happier and "last longer".

Learn to ignore the critics if it is trying to change the core of you. Don't try to develop your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and again - ignore if somebody finds that not suitable. Yet learn about different types of people, your key to perfection is in combining different types.


I am so glad for Annual Conference! For electing the MCP 08-09 and seeing all the people in the election process, their growth, inspiration and simple openness to be there and share, for meeting the people who inspired me a lot, my team who was there with all their attention and hard work, the vision of the conference that was so close of being realized as we imagined (with yet all the lessons we learned), for sleepless nights and work behind it that no-body knows, but that gives you so much inner satisfaction, for extreme fun we had and randomness, getting to know ourselves better, new members, next generation, passion for P-boxes, seeing the impact in people and again - passion for P-boxes and changes, development and fast moving forward.

Celebrating in my heart.