Dec 14, 2007

Destination happiness

I have recently discovered that I’m a very happy person. Most of the time I feel good or at least know what should I do to get out of my misery. Here I have listed some of the lessons I have learned and continue learning every day.

Take responsibility over your life. No one else can make you happy. If you don’t like something, change your attitude. Or change something in your life. Never place your happiness in other peoples hands, this is your only life.

Focus. Worrying about the next moment doesn’t help you much in the current. Use the ones you have. Don’t carry with you the burden of worries, make your mind sharp and focus on what is here and now. There is a way through, but to find it you need resources which stay hidden if you are not concentrated.

You are not perfect. This is nor an excuse nor a motivation. This is just a fact. Accept it. Accept every weakness you have, look right into the face of it, make it yours, feel comfortable with that. Your weaknesses are actually part of your strenghts.

Stay positive. No matter what. Enjoy the little things if big ones are broken, see the perspective if the moment is painful, look into yourself if others have lost their faith. You see what you want to see. And yes, stuff happens, get angry if needed, be emotional if you don’t see other way, but never about the person or life as such, it’s only the situation that you don’t like.

Love yourself, you are the best version of you. Only the ones who love themselves are capable of loving others. So not all people will like you, you will love them despite of that, they too are on their way.