Nov 22, 2007

Hidden deep message

So - what is the deep message of the following video? There definitely is...I'm sure...when we were making it it seemed that it's there:)


PS: LC Tartu, you made magic this year with the Pancake party! Thank you!

Nov 11, 2007

All you get are opportunities

My neighbors have a baby. I have never seen him, but I hear him quite often. When I’m already in my bed, enjoying the last moments of the day, I can hear him crying. When I wake up in the morning and eat my porridge I hear him again. Sometimes I also catch the voices of the parents, the rulers – or prisoners - of the little kingdom.

I can imagine the little room next door . It is filled with specific smell, a mixture of milk, diapers, urine, cream for baby's sensitive skin. In this room seems that even the toys, baby clothes and all the widgets to make the mothers life easier are part of the smell, because the reality is so packed and small that it’s hard to break it into smells, physical objects, feelings and state of minds.

When the mother goes out, she looks like a normal woman with her baby carriage. I’m quite sure she puts on her make up before going out (she is a young girl, a student), washes hair and maybe also irons her clothes. So the carriage looks more like an accessory while the girl wonders on the streets, shops and cafes.

But she’s not an ordinary woman. She is a mother who has a little baby. The fact that she is out with her baby carriage is only possible because the baby has sleeping time and wherever the woman has to go it can’t take too long and she is back at home – or a safe harbor where it’s possible to feed the child – before the child wakes up – or his demanding starts to annoy other people.

The life in the next door has a specific rhythm. Every now and then there are events that break the routine or actually add new elements to it - a new teeth, time to switch from breast milk to puree, first hair cut, suddenly the first words. And so the story goes till I don’t hear the crying anymore, which just means that life has moved on to new era, no worse or better than the previous one, but definitely with new routines and challenges.

The weird thing is that life in the next door is no different than the any other life we people are having. Life is made of small pieces – events, people, smells, moments of exhaustion and moments of happiness, sicknesses, headaches, fights, truce, aging, silence, noise. Life is as it is, it has it’s way, ups and downs. It goes and goes like a river, until it’s over.

So whatever is there – it’s nor good nor bad, but it’s life and it’s all you have. Life itself is wonderful enough to stay curious and grateful for everything it brings, not trying to control everything and gaining control by being flexible enough to go with the flow. There is no real reason to admire, to be jealous or to pity anyone else, as this is just how the story goes – all you get are opportunities, which sometimes might look like dead ends or just ordinary days in a row.

So I wouldn’t like to discuss if this or that event that happens to you in life is good or bad, but rather what you do with the events you have.