Sep 28, 2007

Time for questions

What is busy? Is busy a choice or an inevitability?

What makes you feel good? Are you working to feel good or hoping to find the key to your happiness by filling your days with activities?

Are we being perfectionists because we want to have a great result? When is great GREAT enough? Do people want to do great things because it makes them feel great or it makes others think they are great?

Are we afraid to feel good about ourselves because we are not perfect? Are we judging ourselves because we want to please other people? Can we be perfect? And if not – is continous forgiving an automatic ingredient of love? Should we ask forgiveness for not being perfect or should we wait for acceptance? Is judging the problem of the judger or the one being judged?

Why people don’t appreciate themselves? Why is it so hard to love the imperfect self? Can you love others before loving yourself? Is the criticism coming from hurt self-picture? Can you open the door outside before it’s being open inside?

Is the ability to ask right questions coming through doing wrong things? Can you seek for balance before being out of balance and touching the opposite border of perfect peace? Are hard experiences send to teach us the most important lessons we wouldn’t be able to learn through happy experiences?

Nothing is better than being in peace with yourself. Knowing you are not perfect and still love every day you have. Makes you appreciate others as they are, even if you not always agree with them. Makes you judge the situation, not the person. Makes it easy to forget and forgive, makes you want to contribute without wanting back, because in the end it’s still about you – feeling alive, connected, loved and happy about your life.

Sep 20, 2007

Inspired by failure

Having an opinion is not easy, right? There are many opinions in the world, having yours means you disagree with some. So the easy way is a) not to share yours 2) change your with the direction of wind 3) speak in such mild words that no one understand what you mean 4) not to have yours and go with the flow etc

We can and have to be able to change our opinions. We need to listen and we need to understand other point of views. But I think there are things we can’t make compromises and there are times when we have to make a point. Not because we want to create a conflict, but because the matter is too important to watch silently.

I think there are some universal principles in the world we should never make compromises about and trying to respond to external expectations is never going to work out. Good intentions are not good enough. Good intentions to make others happy create confusion in you, distract you from your inner path and actually make your story in this world quite irrelevant as it doesn’t go anywhere, just stays in the middle.

So yes, I have an opinion, which sometimes has made me feel as a lighting rod for negative energy, but is also a base of my inner satisfaction.

I think that complaining is a waste of time and complaining makes me bored. I think that arrogance is a highway to loneliness and I don’t want to spend too much time with people who are arrogant. I also think that arrogance can easily be mixed with fighting for a cause and that people who truly fight for something are bound to create conflicts around them.

I think that avoiding a conflict ends up in a mildness and mild people have lost contact with their true self. I believe that living up to your potential is not easy and that you need support to succeed. And I think that most of us are scared and lonely, but we are equally scared of losing our social status to talk about it (maybe only not when we’re drunk or also as referring to past experience).

I think that what distinguishes some from the others is the fact that some keep going even if they are scared and through that keep finding what they are looking for. Others put majority of their time on talking, complaining, excusing or are just occupied with irrelevant details to keep them busy that this makes them internally unhappy and not fully satisfied with their life.

There is so much around us that tries to make us give up. I have found out that the truly inspiring stories are not about success. They are usually about failure. They are about people who did a bad mistake, who insulted someone, who screwed up a big project, who didn’t manage with their tasks, who were beaten at school, who didn’t have any friends etc. They are usually inspiring because they are only told by extremely brave people, who have succeeded neither the less.

People who truly fail never speak, they hide.

People who CAN talk about their failure can do it just because they kept going though no one else thought they could, even more – that they should move on. And it’s inspiring exactly because it’s so human to fail, we all do it every day, we all have expectations we are unable to meet – or others have expectations we are not meeting. And as sharing your failures is not a common thing, we might think we are the only freaks.

But the fact is that we are not. And realizing that the only way to succeed is through a failure – just always standing up and moving on, a little bit wiser and more experienced – is giving the needed hope.

That’s why the real, authentic leaders are humble, they know the price. I believe that success and failure are so connected that you can't have one without the other.

Why I love writing?

Clean sheet.

I can freely fill it with all kind of thoughts I have. With thoughts that have nothing to do with my work, my to-do list, my daily hurries. I’m free to think and create freedom around me. Out of routine, to a different world that maybe will exist some day because I’m thinking about it now, maybe just stays as an inner conversation, maybe influences someone else. But it creates freedom around me, fresh air, new ideas.

I need new ideas as oxygen (my God, it sounds as such a cliche, but there couldn’t be any deeper meaning in it then there is for me), I can’t live in routine. I need to have emotions, colors, bravery, adventure. I need to have meaning in my life, I need to feel I’m alive.

Clean white paper has always been most inspiring for me. It contains so much potential, it hasn’t been influenced by any idea and it’s up to my fantasy what I do with it.