Feb 3, 2007

What matters, lies inside

I was elected as president of AIESEC in Estonia. I just have to say that, because other ways you think I skip the topic because I don't want to talk about it (and was obviously miserably beaten during the elections). Here's a picture about the meaningful event in my life, which is going to influence many of my footsteps next year and continues challenging me in many unknown ways.

But you know – this isn't the most important thing. I'm still same, me, I don't have a blinding aura around my head that would give me hard time in falling asleep, nor has my life made a dramatic turn that changed my personality forever. But titles seem to make people bigger (or smaller, when you happen to be in the opposition). And the lucky ones who have acquired this or that title, feel the right to be treated differently, with bigger respect and given more importance for their presence.

But title is after all only a word, it doesn't mean anything in itself. It loses it's importance in a different context (the majority of the people have no idea what's behind the letters MCP) and also in time. I have countless amount of opportunities to be no-body over and over again in my daily life, a simple example is when I enter a cellar-shop to buy milk, the shop-lady there doesn't care too much about my background and treats me as any other junk.

It's stupid to be stuck with your titles. Don't misunderstood me – I'm extremely proud to be elected as MCP, I enjoy more than anything the opportunity to use my talents and experiences to bring the added value for something I believe in. And this isn't either something that has just randomly come to me, without my own work and goal setting.

But what I believe really matters is who you are, what are your values and principles, your self discipline, your inner drivers, your higher goals and of course the knowledge and skills from your previous experience. Only then a person is mature, respects himself and people around him, is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, only then you can easily remove all the titles and the person is still a leader. Everything you achieve comes from inside, so the only thing you should work with is yourself.

You don't have to be elected to make a change. But you have to have much clearer goals than just a position or title, you have to want what's behind that – what you can do with the position.

In the end a totally random topic, a picture I want to share, just because I love these guys. They are part of the P-club, presidents team and during the year, full of different conferences and several P-club meetings we've discussed many of our challenges and successes with each other. They are guys, I'm a girl, so they obviously didn't exactly hold my hand when I needed it, instead they just said: “Interesting....Do something about it” or “That's normal, don't worry about it!”. Nii et tüübid – thank you for your support!:)

PS: Deniss, I didn't forget you, just that you didn't wear this great mustache that night. I hope your self-image isn't scattered to pieces now :D